As your trusted professional Oriental Rug cleaners, we will insure skilled cleaning that brings back the luster and softness to your rug. Taking traffic into consideration, we do suggest a professional cleaning every one to three years.

One of the most essential aspects of properly caring for your new Oriental Rug is usually the least expected. Simply vacuuming the rug from each direction on a regular basis not only removes the dirt, but actually restores life to the wool. A very basic tip, yet one of the most valuable pieces of information for extending the life of your rug.

When spills occur, quickly blot from the edge of the stain to the center with cold water only. Do NOT rub the area. Solid spills can be carefully scooped up, and then spot blot the area. Always attack the spill immediately. If a stain is an obvious dilemma, please feel free to call for possible suggestions or advice.
ONLY use the recommended spot cleaner provide by for FREE.

A quality pad should be used under your rug. The pad serves several purposes. One is to prevent slippage of your rug. Secondly, it actually can prevent damage of your hardwood or tile floor due to abrasion caused by the coarse nature of the back of the rug. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the correct pad for your particular Oriental rug

To insure even wear, your rug should be rotated once a year. Just be aware of the traffic pattern in the room and adjust the rug as needed.

In case of damage, nearly every problem has a solution through professional restoration. Old and antique rugs sometimes need to be rewoven or require fringe attention to be restored to life. Our professional staff can be consulted in such cases, and would be willing to give suggestions on how you can extend the life of your heirloom.

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