It is amazing how difficult it can be to make the correct cleaning decisions. In the beginning, I had to learn the same as you, BUT with schooling, education and experience since 1999, I have learned some VERY important lessons.

1. Trying to do it yourself is a waste of time and money. Sure, you can rent a machine OR even buy one. They can be great for spot cleaning spills. BUT, how much of those contaminants do you think it will really get out honestly? If it worked 1/10th as good as my professional, state of the art High Flow Extraction System, I would never spent money.

At the same time, if you have to call in sick at work, cancel recreation, a business meeting or a social outing, all because you are sore from scrubbing those grout lines on your knees, fighting with a carpet or a sofa (then it stays wet long after you get better), you stand to lose more money, time & physical health than you could allegedly save.

2. The “Which method is better?” OR the promotion of a particular cleaning tool and then leave out how experienced and knowledgeable on how to use that tool properly. These are traps that some cheap cleaners & Big Name Steemers play to lure you into paying for a gimmick or a bait & switch. Consider this: If I had just invented the world’s best cleaning machine, I would sell it to every person and professional cleaners in the world. Then I would make the greatest impact & the most money. So… When someone states they have an “exclusive” method, I become suspicious. If the method were so good, everyone would want it. Logically, this “exclusive” method would be marketed to everyone. If there is no one else has an “exclusive” cleaning method, it is probably because no one else wants it.

Every cleaning method has it’s strengths and weaknesses. I am educated, trained, skilled AND experienced in every cleaning methods to achieve the best results for your unique situation. From over 18 years of education & experience, in most cases the High Flow Extraction System in combination with our 15-step cleaning process is the absolute choice. In those other cases, we can implement a very low moisture procedure to achieve excellent results.

The High Flow Extraction System utilizes 3-4 gallons/minute at low pressure to rinse out all that soil from the oriental rug, carpet, fabric & grout lines in tile. Compare to everyday truck mounts using 0.75-1.5 gallons per minute at HIGH pressure. This pressure forces water deep into the subfloor or pad. In natural stone & tile cases, this HIGH pressure can chip & pit the grouting.

With our expert services, you will receive a more thorough cleaning (200-400% more), with the lower dry times.

The average time for carpet to dry with The High Flow Extraction System is between 2-8 hours. With the very low moisture choice, dry times average between 30 minutes to 2 hours.

To guarantee the fastest dry times, will complimentary leave professional air movers after service as needed. Then we will pick up the fans at the end or beginning of the business day.

Our expert services will guarantee that there is no fiber damage, the most cleaning every, AND includes a 30 day Spot N’ Spill Warranty.

What is a Spot N’ Spill Warranty? LIFE HAPPENS. Doesn’t it seem when you wash your car, it then rains? Murphy’s Law. Then that can leave you with a feeling of disappointment of spending your money. I don’t want you to feel that way about my services. If a spill happens within 30 days of service, you are unable to remove the spot with our FREE professional spot cleaner, call us IMMEDIATELY for 1 FREE follow up service.
3. Choosing a company solely by price does not work. Every company price in so many ways. It is difficult to compare. When choosing professional cleaning services, it is like choosing apples from oranges. PLUS, it is not something you can try out before buying it.
The truth… When we invest wisely, we get what we pay for. Investing in the cheapest company you will find a big sales pitch with a touch of cleaning. Cheap companies must cut costs by using cheap chemical, cheap antiquated equipment, untrained personnel (education costs money) and spend as little money & time cleaning. If they don’t cut expenses, they are out of business. These cheap services are normally in & out in 30 minutes for a whole house! Sounds like pizza delivery versus a professional service. Cutting costs & quality explains why they only charge $15-/$20 per room or area.


Is that really going to solve your problems? Will hiring the cheapest company lengthen or shorten the life of your flooring and furnishings? As an educated consumer, how would you like to be treated? With professionalism?


You don’t have to spend a fortune. Only get the best value for your investment. You will find my prices reasonable for expert quality & service.